Mana Cookies are food allergy-friendly snacks that are low in sugar and high in protein.  They contain an immune-boosting, energizing formula of adaptogen* herbs to help keep you nourished and resilient to everyday stressors.  Free of gluten, dairy, soy and eggs and sweetened with raw Colorado honey, these cookies pack a punch!

*Adaptogen herbs give us more energy by nutrition_infopromoting the body’s natural vitality.  They protect and strengthen the immune system while soothing and revitalizing the nerves.  Adaptogens help us regulate our stress levels and become more resilient to stressors of all kinds–both mental/emotional as well as environmental/physical.  Whether it be an important deadline, a weekend of partying, or an intense bike ride, stress comes in many forms and is a part of our daily lives.  Adaptogens, as the name implies, help us adapt to that stress and bounce back from it.

Ingredients: Toasted sunflower seeds*, unrefined coconut oil*, local Colorado raw honey, shredded coconut*, vanilla extract*, pink Himalayan sea salt, powdered blend of raw cacao*, maca*, ashwaganda*, eleuthero* and cinnamon* *certified organic